Aerapass and MeToU Join Forces to Revolutionise Financial Services for the Unbanked

Aerapass Limited, a leading boutique financial services provider in the AsiaPac region, has partnered with MeToU, a diaspore service organisation, to introduce an innovative solution that enables remittance transfers to the unbanked population. This cooperation aims to empower individuals in underserved communities by providing them with access to immediately accessible funds.

The partnership between Aerapass Limited and MeToU signifies a major step forward in addressing the financial exclusion faced by millions of unbanked individuals in Nigeria and indeed across Africa. Through the development of a domestic and remittance payment program, this collaboration ensures that previously underserved populations gain access to financial services that were previously inaccessible to them.

With this new offering, individuals without traditional banking relationships can now receive remittance transfers directly through the prepaid card provided by Aerapass Limited. The funds, delivered in USD, will be converted into the local currency, Naira, in partnership with a reputable PSB (Payment Service Bank) partner in Nigeria. This process ensures that recipients can seamlessly utilise the funds for various purposes, including making purchases at local merchants or accessing cash at designated outlets.

Aerapass Limited brings its extensive experience in the financial services sector to this collaboration, employing robust technologies and expertise in international money transfers. Their secure and efficient remittance platform ensures that funds are delivered swiftly and securely to the intended recipients. MeToU, a diaspore service organisation with a strong commitment to improving the lives of individuals in diaspora communities, adds valuable insights and connections to this partnership.

Speaking about the cooperation, Frank Georgoulas, CEO of Aerapass Limited, stated,

“We are thrilled to join forces with MeToU to address the financial needs of the unbanked population. By providing access to immediate funds through our prepaid card program, we can drive positive change and foster economic growth.”

Rick May, CEO of MeToU, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Our collaboration with Aerapass Limited marks an important milestone in our efforts to bridge the financial gap for the unbanked. We are committed to leveraging technology, diaspora community and strategic partnerships to make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals in African communities. Together with Aerapass, we are confident that we can create tangible solutions that enable financial inclusion.”

The joint efforts of Aerapass Limited and MeToU aim to transform the remittance landscape and open up new opportunities for the unbanked population across different African countries further to the initial Nigeria release.