Aerapass May 2024

The financial landscape is shifting, and Aerapass is here to be your compass!

As we understand that transparency and inflation are major concerns, our mission is to offer essential solutions to manage your personal and business finances in this evolving world. Our user-friendly digital platform empowers you with tools to hedge against inflation, explore tax-efficient strategies with carbon credits, and prioritise your privacy in financial transactions. This month’s newsletter delves into these key areas, offering insights and tips to help you navigate your financial future.

Invoice Payements

Invoice Automation uses multiple payment methods.

Aerapass offers invoice automation services designed to streamline business payments. This new service replaces traditional methods with faster, more secure transactions using multiple paymenrt mathods. Benefits include instant settlements upon invoice acceptance, eliminating bank transfer delays and reducing fraud risk. Businesses can now save on fees compared to credit card processors. As blockchain technology ensures secure and transparent transactions globally, Aerapass empowers businesses to embrace the future of finance with automated invoicing.

PRECIOUS METALS - The time to hedge is now !

Gold and other precious metals recently reached record highs. This surge is driven by global uncertainties, geopolitical tensions, making them a safe haven for investors. Traditional investments like cash and stocks are dropping, while gold offers stability. Investors are also betting on central banks continuing to buy gold, further inflating its value. With prices on the rise, now is the strategic time to invest in precious metals. Aerapass adds another layer of opportunity by enabling real-time physical precious metals trading through secure cryptocurrency transactions. This streamlines the investment process and eliminates the need for intermediaries, potentially reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Beneficiary Templates - Fast Track your PAYOUTS

Streamline your organisation’s payment processes by leveraging Beneficiary Templates. These pre-defined records securely store recipient information, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry during frequent transactions. This not only reduces the risk of errors but also significantly expedites payment processing times. By adopting Beneficiary Templates, your organisation can ensure faster Payouts for recipients while maximising internal efficiency.

PREPAIDCARD PRIVATE is what it says on the lid !

In our increasingly transparent world, protecting your financial data is crucial. PREPAIDCARD PRIVATE prioritises your privacy for digital transactions. PREPAIDCARD PRIVATE is a prepaid card usable with Apple Pay, Android Pay, and online stores. Unlike traditional cards, PREPAIDCARD PRIVATE shields your main card details, minimising the risk of exposure. Simply reload the card for continued use, maximising your spending privacy without compromising convenience.

CARBON TRADING - creating Tax efficiencies

Aerapass offers a platform that can help businesses manage their carbon emissions and facilitate trading. Businesses can leverage this platform to launch their own carbon trading programs quickly and efficiently.

Aerapass provides a comprehensive suite of tools to manage issuance, trading, and record-keeping, ensuring effortless compliance with regulations. Our online platform is built with security in mind, offering unmatched protection for sensitive data. Additionally, we prioritise a seamless user experience, making it easy for businesses and our stakeholders to navigate the platform. Furthermore, Aerapass’ solutions are scalable, able to accommodate the growing needs of businesses. We also offer you case studies to showcase how we have helped other businesses achieve their sustainability goals.